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Helsinki Airport Taxi


Helsinki Airport Taxi brand is quite new as such but the company, Vantaan Taksi Oy (Ltd), behind it has been operating for decades. As the new taxi law came into effect in Finland on 1 July 2018 this meant several changes also to the taxi arrangement at Helsinki Airport. Nowadays there is four lanes for taxis instead of one queue and Vantaan Taksi Oy / Helsinki Airport Taxi is operating the second lane.

Vantaan Taksi Oy has been operating the airport transportation since 1952. At that time, the taxi drivers of the rural municipality of Helsinki, came to help with the transportation when the Olympic Games took place in Helsinki and the new main airport of Finland started operating in the rural municipality of Helsinki, nowadays known as city of Vantaa.

Drivers of Vantaan Taksi have been driving around 90% of the taxi transportation from the airport for decades. In the last 10 years, the number of cabs leaving from the airport has been around a million a year, meaning that the Vantaa taxi drivers have experience of millions of taxi drives from Helsinki-Vantaa airport.

The taxi company also has a long experience in the airport staff transportation. Companies whose staff is doing shift work at the airport, have been relying on Helsinki Airport Taxi transport for years already. A variety of flight staff, business travelers as well as tourists have been using our cabs on their way to work or home.

It is natural that we will still continue our safe and solid transport of passengers arriving to the airport in the changed taxi business too. This is done via auxiliary company name, Helsinki Airport Taxi. Behind the wheel are the familiar and reliable Vantaan Taksi drivers as before.

As the services evolve with great leaps, the brand has to create it’s skin. This was the case with the Helsinki Airport Taxi – the entire brand look was updated from the logo to the websites and to the social media presence. All cars were branded with the new look so they can be easily recognised by the customers.